Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Moving on up

May I just take a moment to enjoy this progress I have made?
I looked at the analytics for my website and blog today and on the web site stats I noticed that someone had come to my site by way of a search on Google. This normally is a result of someone searching for "Radiant Squares", or "Ray Detwiler". However this search was different, and I immediately had to do a double-take.
Could it be?

The search terms were "Dallas Commercial Photographers."
So I quickly replicated the search on Google (hoping secretly to be the first name that popped up - hey, I can dream...!). After a quick reality check, I found myself on page 2!!!! Which is much better than what I had expected when I realized I was not on page 1. I'm typically about 30-40 pages in if you search for "Dallas Photographer". So it is very encouraging to find myself ranked in the top 20 results of the World's favorite search engine. And in the sector of business that I WANT to be in on top of that!

This is a great way to start a Wednesday! (Ok, it didn't really start with that, but its not afternoon yet, so its close enough.)

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