Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Never Before Published

I was looking through some older photos again today, trying to put a small project together. I ran across an image that I shot about a few years ago. I wasn't really happy with the image at first. Ok... I hated it. Which is why it never has seen the light of day.
But as time goes by, and I look at it again, it grew on me a little bit.

Threw it in photoshop for a bit of exposure fixing and some color balancing as well as a new crop and this is what we have:

It is not a typical photo of John Madden, which I guess is both why I hated it at first, and now have warmed up to it a bit.
Everyone always has him in the commentator booth, or doing something football related. Which is possibly why I didn't immediately take to this one. But as I started thinking about it more, this is probably where he spends a lot of his time when he isn't watching football! This is just a comical assumption based on the size of the man, but an interesting thought.

The story behind this is that I am friends with the owner of two local delis in Coppell, and he is also one of my clients.
He makes a breakfast sandwich that John Madden absolutely LOVES. Every time he is in town he stops by for one, and I've heard he buys quite a few of them, freezes them, and takes them home with him. So when the owner found out he and Jerry Jones were stopping by his restaurant for some food, he called me and asked me to come shoot a photo of all of them together.
This was the day of, or before, the opening game at the new Cowboy Stadium.

If you want to have the sandwich John Madden is nuts a bout, go to Deliman's Grill in Coppell. Ask for the "Stubbs Special", and tell Jay that his friend Ray sent you.
Below is a photo of the sandwich I did:

Bacon, Sausage, Egg, Cheese on Texas Toast


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